The German Division of the IAP

The German Division of the International Academy of Pathology

The German Division of the International Academy of Pathology (IAP) is one of the three organisations of pathologists in Germany. It is practice orientated and in charge of scientific based on fact education and training for pathologists and trainees.

The other two organisations are the German Society of Pathology, founded in 1897 by Rudolf Virchow, and the Professional Organisation of the German Pathologists to represent all political and economic needs in their business.

Prof. Dr. Herwig Hamperl, former Director of the Institute of Pathology at the University of Bonn initiated the foundation of the German Division of the IAP in 1964, on the occasion of the 48th Meeting of the German Society of Pathology in Salzburg, Austria. There were 17 founding members. This foundation was preceded by discussions with staff members of the institute during visits to the Castle and Convent Johannisberg, located near the town of Geisenheim on the Rhine River which now serves as the venue of the recently founded International Junior Academy.

The First Business Meeting of the members of the German Division was held on the occasion of the 49th Meeting of the German Society of Pathology in 1965, in the city of Saarbruecken close to the French border. Election of the first Board took place there.

On July 10, 1967, the first symposium of the German Division was organised in the auditorium of the Institute of Pathology at the University of Gießen, with 40 participants. The main topic of this meeting was: “Breast Diseases”. The Bylaws were approved by the members in the business meeting.

Currently, the German Division has 2080 members incl. 1446 full members, 431 junior members, 195 senior members and 8 honorary members. 79 members are from foreign countries (Angola, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Yemen, Netherlands, Austria, Paraguay, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Syria, Ukraine).

The headquarters of the German Division is located in Bonn in a converted factory building providing ample space for teaching rooms and office space. There is a large auditorium with up-to-date audio-visual facilities and microscopes for 63 people. Since its beginning the Division conducts a continuing educational programme that consists of an annual 3-day symposium in February, whole day tutorials (slide seminars) on most weekends over the year, and satellite meetings. In addition, conjoint meetings and courses are conducted with other divisions. The most recent of these have been a meeting with the IAP Division of Thailand held in Khao Lak in November 2009 and the 17th Baltic-German-Symposium held in June 2010 in Rakvere, Estonia with 130 participants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany.

Due to the good traffic connections by railway, air transportation and excellent roads, participants of the educational activities can easily reach Bonn, in many cases even on the same day. The last 2 symposia in 2009 and 2008 have been held in the in a stately castle that is now the headquarters of the University of Bonn. However, future meetings will be held in the new World Congress Center which will also serve as the venue of the planned IAP World Congress in 2016.
In 2008, the German Division started a new initiative, called the International Junior Academy. The idea behind this project was to gather pathologists in training with speakers from Germany and foreign countries for 4 days in one place where they all could be accommodated in a nice and peaceful environment. The first course turned out to be quite successful, so that a second course was held in 2009, and a third course will be organized this year from August 22 – 25. The topics will again include hematopathology, lymphomas, lung pathology, soft tissue tumors, germ cell tumors, pathology of the female genital tract, breast carcinoma and uropathology. Besides the scientific programme the attendees are able to enjoy one of the most appealing areas in Germany with good food and excellent wine.