Terminvorschau für kommende Veranstaltungen / Events

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Frühjahrstutorials 2017

Einladung und Programm

25.03. - 08.07.2017 in Bonn


Digital Pathology on the border to molecular imaging

31.03. - 01.04.2017 in Isola di San servolo (Venice, Italy)

Kölner Zytologietage

Zytologie der Körperhöhlenergüsse Lungenzytologie und Kopf-Hals-Läsionen

31.03. - 01.04.2017 in Institut für Pathologie, Uniklinik Köln

Global Congress on Molecular Pathology“ (AMP Global 2017)

Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP)

03. - 05.04.2017 in Berlin, Estrel – Congress & Exhibition Center,

1st Cologne Conference on Lung Cancer

06. - 07.04.2017 in Cologne

2nd Meeting of the Pannonian Working Group of Gastrointestinal Pathology

»Pathology of the Anus and Rectum«

07. - 08.04.2017 in Ljubljana / Slovenia

The Pathology of Melanoma:

An International Course

27. - 28.04.2017 in Paris, France - Institute Curie

Fine Needle Aspiration - Selected topics for the practicing and interventional cytopathologist

04.05. - 01.06.2017 in Florence (Tuscany - Italy) in Michelangelo Conference Room, Grand Hotel Baglioni

Genito-Urinary Tract Tumors

An Update in the Era of Personalized Therapy

11. - 12.05.2017 in Florence / Italy

24th Baltic-German Symposion for Pathology of the German Division of IAP and 6th Symposium of the Baltic IAP Division

In cooperation with the German-Baltic Medical Doctors Association and its Latvian Section

24. - 28.05.2017 in Riga / Latvia