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342 - Gastrointestinal Pathology



Elizabeth Montgomery, USA-Baltimore, M. Vieth, Bayreuth, 2018


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LS 342 Case 01
66 year old female: incidental finding: 2,7cm gastric polyp in upper corpus, full wall resection. Autoimmune gastritis known

LS 342 Case 02
52 year old male, positive FOBT, Colonoscopy with 1,5 cm polyp in rectum

LS 342 Case 03
63 year old women with renal disease who presented with abdominal pain. An emergency subtotal gastrectomy was performed

LS 342 Case 04
55 year old women with a pruritic perianal patch

LS 342 Case 05
67 year old male, short segment Barrett’s known. Last endoscopy 3,5 years ago presenting now with 1,5 cm leucoplakia in mid esophagus. Biopsies 3.5 years ago: moniliasis. Now, endoscopic resection.

LS 342 Case 06
65 year old, male patient. Barrett’s esophagus known. Last endoscopy 4 years ago. Now, follow-up endoscopy with biopsies.

LS 342 Case 07
25 year old man who presented with small bowel obstruction. There was a history of prior intussusception.

LS 342 Case 08
20 year old man with small bowel obstruction. A small bowel resection was performed.

LS 342 Case 09
72 year old man with a history of melanoma who presented with diarrhea. A colonoscopy with biospies was performed.

LS 342 Case 10
68 year old female. Routine gastric biposies. Gastritis ?

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